About Us

We are a community that offers education and support to restorers who are dedicated to improving themselves and the restoration industry.

Restoration companies, regardless of size, face challenges with carriers, homeowners, and pricing. The Alliance of Independent Restorers (AIR) surrounds you with industry leaders and peers who help make you more profitable, navigate challenging conversations and grow your business knowledge.

Our Values

  • Empowerment

    We will empower contractors to provide value without undue influence.

  • Transparency

    We will empower the insured via education and transparency of claims process.

  • Collaboration

    We will collaborate with all industry segments via social and digital tools.

  • Leadership

    We will identify and promote leaders who will fight for the future of the industry and carry on our mission.

  • Integrity

    We will develop local professional networks and encourage member involvement in aligned associations.

The AIR Commitments

In order to maintain clarity of purpose, we ask that every member of the AIR COMMUNITY make the following commitments:

  • Commitment #1 – I will protect the VALUE of my services. I will never provide free services, as this would only serve to erode the value of similar services industry wide.
  • Commitment #2 – I will practice incredible TRANSPARENCY. I will explain our processes in detail to my client. I will never hide details or manipulate reports. I will never communicate with a third party without also communicating with my client
  • Commitment #3 – I do not believe in COMPETITION. The Restoration professionals in my market are a part of my community. I will be an active member of that community. It is our Unbreakable Unity that will create the change that we strive for.
  • Commitment #4 – I am willing to walk away from any project, client or contract that is not compatible with my values and stated mission. Good business does not require us to give up money, sleep or our humanity.