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Quickly resolve issues with customers in the app through chat conversations to maintain good relationships and keep cash flowing.

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Top resources for restoration companies

How Restoration Contractors Can Get Paid Faster

Whether your payment is being held up by the property owner, the insurance company, or even a mortgage company, you can take these steps to get the payment ball rolling. Download

How Restoration Contractors Can Boost Cash Flow and Reduce Stress

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Disaster Recovery and Construction Go Hand in Hand

Disaster recovery work will often attract contractors, suppliers, and other industry participants from out-of-state. These companies need to understand that construction payments in the affected state may not work the same way that they do at home. Read full article.

The Playbook for Disaster Recovery Construction Projects

Property owners, contractors, subs, and suppliers should all be sure to protect themselves while recovering from natural disasters. However, a “me against the world” outlook can also be harmful. Your best bet is to balance vigilance with cooperation. Read full article.

Tortious Interference with a Contract

Construction is a rough sport, and the competition is fierce. Money and emotions cloud judgment. What happens when a contractor or owner goes too far? The term “tortious interference” gets thrown around a lot – but when exactly does it come into play? Read full article.