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Levelset (formerly zlien) and The Alliance of Independent Restorers joined forces to help restoration contractors get payment under control.

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Now Bryan gets paid
in 17 DAYS

Bryan and his team started using Levelset to send notices and manage payment and the results were immediate:

“Getting the pay cycle from 90 days down to 17 has done incredible things for my well-being. I can’t think of the last time we put an account in collections.”

– Bryan Daughtry, Owner of Dry Patrol of Central Ohio

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Why Levelset?

Because payments don't have to be stressful.


Send notices to keep communication open with the owner and get insurance to prioritize your invoices. Secure your lien rights so you never send an account to collections again.


Sending notices shows the insurance company you’re serious so you’ll be first in line to get paid.


Be on your customer’s team to help them get payments flowing faster so you can ensure the best experience for them without sacrificing your pay cycle.

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