Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my membership?

General Membership and Corporate Membership receive the same benefits, but you get more seats with our Corporate Membership for your team members.

Full access to the private AIR platform which includes:

  • Exclusive education content
  • Access to peers and industry leaders for support through a community discussion board
  • Affiliate discount links
  • First notice of exclusive events

Access to local chapters to gather with like-minded peers in your community. Network, discuss challenges and opportunities.

How am I expected to contribute as a member?

Members are expected to contribute to meaningful discussions in the AIR online community. We appreciate all member participation and you are encouraged to engage in Round Table Discussions. Have a great tip that will benefit the rest of the members? Feel free to take a video and post to our online community. Take what you need and leave what you can.

Can franchisees be members?

Absolutely! As many as 40% of our members are franchises.

How do I become a member?

Click here to access our membership page. You can select General or Corporate Membership and sign up following the prompts on the page. It’s that easy!

What membership options are available?

We have two membership options for Restorers. The first is a General membership. This is best if it is only one person joining AIR. The second is our Corporate membership. This allows up to 5 seats so you can also have a member of your office staff, techs, sales team, etc. be a part of your AIR membership.

Are there rules that I have to follow?

We treat each other with respect and have core values that we abide by that includes: empowerment, transparency, collaboration, leadership, and integrity. We ask that you show up for yourself and others in the group.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up you will receive an email with the information to access our exclusive online portal and how to best use the platform. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder. After you sign in, please update your profile to include your photo and information so your peers know who you are! The exclusive online platform includes a newsfeed that all members have access to. Feel free to introduce yourself and engage with the group.

Can I refer friends to the group?

Yes! Anyone who is a restorer or industry professional can join AIR. Your friends will love you for the value you are bringing them!

Does AIR host events?

Since 2017, members have met annually. In addition to national meet-ups, AIR hosts regional and local gatherings. AIR members have access to these events at a discounted rate.

How will AIR help me with my business knowledge?

AIR helps grow your business knowledge through peer-to-peer support and direct interaction with industry leaders. Additionally, we’ve vetted and selected some of the best vendors and educational affiliates in the industry to work with our members. Lastly, we have a large archive of videos, documents, and courses within the AIR platform (courses may require additional purchase).

What is the difference between being an AIR member and joining a local chapter?

You can attend on Local Chapter event, but you must have an AIR Membership to attend Local Chapter events regularly.

What do local chapters do?

We create a local environment of collaboration for Restoration Specialists. Local Chapters meet monthly in-person or virtually to discuss ongoing issues, industry trends, and how we can support each other.