Our Future Needs Us by Klark Brown

Our Future Needs Us by Klark Brown

January 24, 2020

Have you asked yourself where the future leaders of the Property Damage Restoration Industry are?

We have the middle generation pretty much in place, leading the charge.

But time moves much faster now. The bell curve has sharpened.

Are we investing enough time to mentoring?

Are we downloading knowledge?
Are we open and accepting of change and new information and technology.

Probably not is the answer to those I would surmise.

Online Groups and forums have taken a lot of shine of light in recent years. Some good, other not so good.

Neither are a surprise. It’s wide, expansive, and simple for everyone to connect.
It certainly brings about some negative things….but that self corrects and the good far outweigh the potentially negative.

I personally have a mental list who I watch closely as future leaders. They are eager to soak up knowledge, but not afraid to look outside our relatively new segment or trade.

This is crucial to growth and expansion.
It’s also increasingly important that those around us consider customer experience. Meet them where they are and understand their expectations and how we fit into that picture.

I of course draw special favor to Restoration Rebels as one of the original starters there. In a few short years, the word REBEL has hit the elite status of moving from being a NOUN to also a VERB !!

As of this morning, we have 2 below 5000 members. That’s incredible.

This was generally not possible 7 years ago.

Move one step further, finding a deeper endeavor OFF FACEBOOK, we have built and continue to evolve The Alliance of Independent Restorers. Take the Rebels, hand select the best of the best, create a mission and vision and you start a movement.

We have specialist and industry leaders of all shapes, sizes, van colors and directions.

We want to see the best emerge from inside everyone.
We are growing rapidly.

Education platform
Affiliate discounts for products and services

But mainly focused and engaged minds cutting out the noise and finding solutions that this and future generations can work with.

This isn’t easy. People have families, they have companies and admit it….our industry isn’t the most schedule based.
But accountability is huge and we are making significant changes.

If you have been looking for something to put your energy into while gaining priceless insight to successful business owners, this just might be your new home.

We are waiting for you.

AIRestore.org will provide information, enrollment process and access to our private pages.

Klark Brown
Industry Steward

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