Gregg Sargent Delivers a HUGE gift to Restoration Contractors in AIR

Gregg Sargent Delivers a HUGE gift to Restoration Contractors in AIR

November 27, 2019


Klark Brown, AIR President

The absolute willingness and examples of giving in this industry are incredible. With the struggles we all seemingly face, over and above running a small to medium business, we still find the place to give more to others.

This is proven today by a close friend and colleague to The Alliance of Independent Restorers.
Gregg has lifted all fees associated with his Strategic Online Consulting Library.

This consists of DOZENS and DOZENS of very valuable and useful strategic educational modules.

  • Video’s of Useful Tools
  • Videos on SEO/ PPC management
  • Marketing
  • Work from Plumbers
  • Many Recorded calls of actual call conversions.
  • Much More

Such a plethora of value. Something for everyone.

All that said…..Gregg has removed all pricing for AIR members. You read that right. AIR members will receive this online consumable content FREE OF CHARGE with only your current and active AIR membership.

The retail value of this is over $300. This gift ALONE makes the subscription almost completely worth it ALONE.

Thank you to Gregg.

Now head over to Join The Alliance today !


Also don’t miss the incredible opportunities for guest and sponsors for our 2020 National Summit in Charleston, SC

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