Alliance of Independent Restorers United in Boulder Colorado in 2019

Alliance of Independent Restorers United in Boulder Colorado in 2019

May 28, 2019


A few weeks have passed for just under 150 very passionate restoration contractors that did almost everything they HAD to do to get to Boulder Colorado in April to attend the perrinial edition of the Restoration Rebels/ Alliance of Independent Restorers Summit.


Sleet, Snow, Wind was unable to stop most of our inteded guests. We are in Restoration, we deal with the unknown, the last minute adjustements and the adversity DAILY. And that Wednesday in April 2019 was no different.



Just as in years past, the leadership and a very passionate group of volunteers combined their resources, culture and creativity to provide what turned out to be an INCREDIBLE event. Many that had never attended, saw FIRST HAND what all the ENERGY was about from talks of years prior.


This event was focused almost PRIMARILY on the BUSINESS of Restoration. Our members attend technical education all year long….but it has become glaringly obvious that knowing your numbers, understanding your companies risk, creating culture for hiring tomorrow’s leaders and how to create valuation for an exit strategy.

Each of these 7 segments videos and presentations will be available for download for a small fee (free to those that attended). The information in these segments, if applied would easily pay for the purchase 20x over.

We hope you will plan to join us next year for our Summit. That location and date have been announced in Charleston, SC on March 19-20.
Don’t miss it as we celebrate VISION in 2020.

Want to stay abreast of the newest updates and join the rest of the industry by joining the Alliance today. We need your VOICE. Alliance of Independent Restorers

Until that time, enjoy our promo recap from this years event.

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