We Are A Community That Offers Education and Support To Restorers Who Are Dedicated To Improving Themselves and The Restoration Industry.

Learn from and alongside leaders in the restoration industry.

Why Join The Alliance of Independent Restorers (AIR)?

Many restorers find themselves frustrated and craving support and guidance on how to navigate the challenges of the restoration industry, including:

  • How to break away from preferred vendor programs and thrive
  • How to navigate conversations with homeowners and carriers
  • How to be more profitable
  • How to expand your business knowledge

And thus, the Alliance of Independent Restorers was born. 




Membership Features

  • Community Support
  • Exclusive Social Online Platform For Restorers
  • Online Education

Join our ever-growing network of restoration professionals across the globe.  

There is a way forward for your business to thrive

Envision a world where you aren’t living and dying by preferred vendor programs. A world where you have the power and confidence to educate homeowners on the restoration process. A world where you are profitable. This world exists, and it’s at your fingertips! 

Join us and become part of an industry-leading group that is changing the restoration industry forever.

This is YOUR Industry. Be a part of a UNITED family of VIBRANT service providers who operate with abundance and freedom.

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